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Chantelle Murley

PhD, MSc
Market Access & HTA

Chantelle holds 6 years of experience in conducting epidemiological studies with Swedish register data including several population-based cost-of-illness studies. In this, she has developed analytical capabilities including statistical analysis of observational data, scientific writing skills, as well as a deep understanding of the social insurance and healthcare systems. She also has experience with self-reported survey data from patients.

Prior to joining Macanda, Chantelle worked as a post-doctoral researcher investigating patient outcomes, sickness absence, and socioeconomic consequences of multiple sclerosis. She has worked throughout the research process in academia, from observational study design to the dissemination of study findings. Prior to beginning doctoral education, Chantelle was an intern in the policy team at the HTA agency of New Zealand assisting the internal implementation of their factors for consideration framework for funding decisions.

Chantelle holds a BHSc (population health) and LLB (with Honours) from the University of Auckland as well as a MSc (health economics, policy, and management) and PhD (medical science) from Karolinska Institutet. Her PhD thesis “Work disability, economic situation, and societal costs of multiple sclerosis in Sweden” was defended in Spring 2022.

Chantelle is also an affiliated researcher at the Division of Insurance Medicine, Dept. Clinical Neuroscience, Karolinska Institutet.

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